Here is more about what they do:

Solar Delivered, has been saving energy for Virgin Islanders for over 8 years (see attached document).

As you are well aware, continuing power rate increases have squeezed local businesses to the point where some just can't survive and are forced to close the doors.

They offer an alternative solution to that problem, and it's much easier to pay for than your monthly WAPA bill.

It's called solar electric power generation, and here's how it works.


The Virgin Island sunshine powers solar panels (usually on the roof), this power then passes through a box called an inverter to convert it to WAPA type power. The power then flows through your utility meter to "spin" it backwards.This means you can build electricity credits all day, and then use your stored credits whenever you need them. This "net-metering" type system is designed specifically to reduce or completely eliminate your monthly electricity bills.

Here's an example for a business with a $1500.00 per month WAPA bill:

Install a 22kW solar electric system, and monthly WAPA bills are now $0.

Here is an option to pay for the system and how it compares to the current $1,500.00 WAPA bill:

First off, federal tax incentives pay for approximately 50% of all solar system installation costs (equipment, labor, permits, etc.) for commercial businesses, and any leftover first year balance can then be financed over a limited amount of time with the following or similar available options.

Commercial Solar Financing
Interest Rate:
15 years
Cost per month:

As you can see, there's an immediate and significant savings with solar electric, zero out of pocket costs, and at the the end of the loan term you own your system outright and pay $0 per month.This is a NO BS example of what could be done for your business. Without even considering the increase in business and property value it's a "no brainer" business decision that every VI business should look into before it's too late.

There is a 5 mega-watt limit set by WAPA on the total "net-metering" capacity allowable on St. Croix, and based on our scheduled and projected installations, available slots will be filled in a relatively short amount of time. This is not a sales pitch, it's a fact.

Call any time if you'd like to explore solar electric power for your business, and visit for more information.