If your morning routine includes grabbing a laptop and working from the hammock on your porch, St. Croix provides a strong economic hub for any type of working professional! St. Croix offers a diverse economy that can support budding tech gurus, financial wizards, and productive agriculturalists alike. Our government is dedicated to supporting our growing economy by supporting your business endeavors. Generous tax incentives are offered through the Research and Technology Park and the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority for qualified businesses.

Working remotely is the dream for a lot of people.  If you're interested in running a business that can be executed from anywhere, start by investing in a good computer.  Some businesses are more computer dependent than others but at a bare minimum you're going to need it to do business transactions via the Internet, keep track of finances, and communicate with off island vendors and customers.  Think of everything you are going to need to do with your computer, make a list and go shopping.  If you need tech support on island, we have a number of computer repair stores and IT specialists that can help.

To communicate with remote vendors and customers, you will need reliable Internet access, a mobile phone, and in some cases, an office phone.  St. Croix is the hub for three of the Internet's biggest cables: the South American Crossing (SAC), the Pan America Cross (PAC), and the Mid-Atlantic Crossing (MAC).  This represents one of the largest concentrations of Internet bandwidth.  St. Croix has a number of Internet service providers that offer both wired and wireless high speed Internet access to make it easy to chat online, do video conferencing, send/receive large files, and stay connected to the world around you.