To all our valued and appreciated members, we have reached that momentous time of year again:  the ending of yet another year and the beginning of a brand new one.  This is the time that many of us take a bit of time to reflect on the events of the past year and consider what we may be able to do to impact the new year that awaits us.
For all of us here in the Virgin Islands, 2017 has been quite a roller coaster.  We began with the heated debates over the “Sin Tax” and from there we continued on a wild ride of numerous ups and downs until we reached the ultimate economic, professional and most importantly, personal trials left us by Irma and Maria.  While as residents of the USVI we face many challenges that may be quite different from our friends and family in the states and other parts of the world, I think many of us will find 2017 to be one for the record books no matter what we compare it to.
While our country was not in an actual war, we faced a continuous concern of the possibilities from different fronts.  These worries alone were a great concern and will continue to be in the coming year.  However, we faced many other disquieting events during the course of this year, at the local, national and international levels.  All of these events affect each of us in different ways as we have different views and opinions.  But, in all of these, one thing holds true:  it is most important that we maintain our relationship as a community.  We must respect the differing viewpoints of others, give these our fair consideration, but simply agree to disagree while still doing all we can to support and spread goodwill throughout our community.
The Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors has worked to promote this feeling of community and serve not only our business community, but also our St. Croix community in its entirety.  This is not always a simple task to accomplish and will never become simple.  However, with the help and support of our membership, we continue to do all we are able to, even when seemingly very little, to remain the voice of our business leaders.  In order for us to continue to do so, we will always require your participation and input.  This is the true heart of the Chamber.  So as we fast approach the coming of yet another New Year, 2018, as the senior officer of our Chamber, I humbly ask that you continue to work with us and assist us both in word and deed to be the most effective we can in representing you and your interests for the best and most productive economic growth for all of us here in St. Croix and across our beautiful territory.
Sincere wishes for a