There are tons of activities to enjoy on St. Croix. The rich culture present on the island helps define the various experiences that visitors and residents alike would thoroughly enjoy.

Buck Island

The Buck Island Reef National Monument was established in 1961. It was expanded in 2001 to preserve one of the best marine gardens in the Caribbean. Buck Island is home to many different flora and fauna on land and in the sea. Buck Island is known for the gorgeous underwater ecosystem that surrounds it. The island is also a site for turtle nesting. Snorkeling on the reef is sure to transport you into a whole new magical world. Visiting Buck Island is made easy by the multiple tour opportunities offered by companies like Caribbean Sea Adventures and Big Beard’s Adventure Tours.

Historic Sites

St. Croix’s charm can be attributed to its long, diverse history. You could dedicate a day, a week, or even a month to learning about the rich history of the island. The Whim Plantation Museum, the Lawaetz Family Museum, the Old Apothecary Hall Museum, and many more museums and sites are steeped in the history that created present day St. Croix. Visit these sites with family, friends, or by yourself. You are sure to get lost in the mystery of yesteryear.


There is nothing better than traversing the beautiful terrains of the land. Crystal-clear water swirling around a tide pool is a fantastic end to a journey through tropical flora. St. Croix offers several different hiking trails varying in levels of difficulty that you can hike with or without a tour guide. Guided tours are offered by CHANT (Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism), Bush Tribe Eco Adventures, and several other groups and businesses. Get those boots dirty, beauty awaits you!

It is easy to have a blast on St. Croix. Get out there and discover all that the island and its people have to offer. Always remember, enjoyment is guaranteed!