CoralFire Entertainment has joined organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce to legitimize our profession, and to be taken seriously when it comes to public safety, business ethics, and fair compensation.  It is also our priority to give back to St. Croix, and groups like the Chamber help us connect with even more opportunities to do so. It is truly a pleasure to be a contributing member of this business community with you all.


  • CoralFire Entertainment is the only licensed business which provides professional fire entertainment in the Virgin Islands.

  • CoralFire holds a certificate from the Fire Service: We have been cleared for performance, from official contracts to safety set-up and inspections, by the Fire Marshal.

  • CoralFire uses only SOBER fire safety personnel, specially trained alongside our team to be efficient and to handle any situation which arises.  Consuming alcohol and spinning fire is against our code.

  • CoralFire uses only appropriate fire safety equipment, these are the most effective in an emergency.  You will never see our performers without safety equipment.

  • CoralFire team members do not perform alongside minors. Persons under the age of 18 handling "flame-effect props" in public spaces is not aligned with the laws of this community.

  • CoralFire team members are well-informed about stateside rules and regulations surrounding fire performance in a variety of municipalities, as well as rules at popular festivals where fire spinning occurs.  We apply those rules to everything we do.

  • CoralFire team members do not take unnecessary risks for the sake of a “cool” show, or to appease clients.  We are fully accountable to our community and the safety and well-being of its properties, people, and businesses.


Unchecked fire spinners are increasingly active in the USVI.  This is in part due to a continued lax attitude toward the activity, leading to lax protocol surrounding it.   In this casual climate our community has its guard down against one of nature’s most powerful forces. Due to incidents with unsafe performers over the past several years (some quite extreme, causing injury) as well as the general tendency for unlicensed fire spinners to circumvent even very basic rules surrounding fire performance, some of these individuals have already been - and are likely to now be - under investigation by the DLCA and/or Fire Service.

At this time, CoralFire is working closely with the DLCA to create a comprehensive pathway to licensing for safe and dedicated fire performers, and to prevent those who repeatedly put our public at risk from doing any more harm.

We wanted to deliver this message in the most courteous and informative way to you, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

CoralFire is committed to providing safe, outstanding entertainment for our community’s many events - for permanent residents and tourists alike.  We are invested in the future of our island and in the success of our fellow business owners, too!

If you require more information regarding this issue, and how using unlicensed fire performers can impact your business or present serious liabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.  →