Dear Valued Seaborne Customer

We want to alert you that on December 1, 2017, all Seaborne counters will be going cashless. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ATH, and Company Checks are alternative ways to pay. Please plan accordingly when purchasing a ticket or baggage fee payments. This operational change should speed up your check-in times.

San Juan • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport

Kiosks that convert your cash to a debit card are available near the USDA and the convenience store. Both options are nearby the Seaborne ticket counter.

How Can The Debit Card Be Used?

  • The prepaid debit card can be used anywhere debit/credit cards are accepted – not just at the airport
  •  Any additional money on the card can be used to purchase items in the terminal
  •  The card is a debit card and is completely anonymous. There is no credit check or impact to financial history

Additional Improvements Coming

  • The Reservations Team is working on a new procedure that will allow them to take credit cards payments to pre pay for baggage. This will ease issues with customers and bags. Please watch for additional announcements when this is rolled out.
  • Our Accounting department is working on installing similar kiosks that are in SJU at the seaplane bases in the USVI.
  • As we have additional information on our other destinations, in regards to debit card conversion options, we will share on the website:

Thank You For Flying Seaborne!

Your cooperation is very appreciated.