The 2018 US Virgin Islands (USVI) Elections is upon us in the aftermath of the devastation of two Cat 5 hurricanes during 2017 hurricane season in the US Virgin Islands. The USVI Community and its residents after eight (8) months of trying to recover, rebuild and picking up the pieces in their lives, are now confronted with having to prepare for 2018 hurricane season, coupled with having to deal with the 2018 election season.

The community anxiety level is at an all-time high with having to cope with recovering from an unprecedented 2017 hurricane season, now have to decide who will lead them in the next 2-4 years in electing a new government (33rd VI Legislature), and contemplate the fate of the Mapp/Potter Administration re-election bid. The election field is very crowded with aspirants seeking public office at record numbers, offering their vision and plans to form a new government. Voters are expressing a sense of uncertainty and being overwhelmed with their choices, and the task in choosing those who they want to represent them to serve in government. This has created an environment of voters indifference and apathy to participate or not in the election process.

US Virgin Islands residents and community-based organizations are seeking answers in electing a representative government for greater accountability, transparency, and efficiency from those asking to serve in government. St. Croix Economic Development Initiative (SEDI) a macroeconomic and public policy think tank, in association with WSTX Radio, Kalalloo Network, St. Croix Chamber of Commerce, St. Croix Foundation Nonprofit Consortium, and other community based organizations in the public/private sector, were compelled to a call of action to help voters to be better informed on the critical issues and the vetting of an extensive field of candidates. This call to action launched and implemented VI Vote Series. VI Vote Series is the leveraging of data, technology, and media combined with daily survey polling (, town hall meetings (themed "The Job Interview"), Live weekly broadcast and social media video streaming and interaction called "Meet the Candidates", voter registration drive and various community outreach events to connect, educate and empower voters in a very comprehensive way. VI Vote Series is a voter-centric approach to reverse voter apathy, complacency, and disconnect, applying a focus group style method to energize residents and the voter base in the 2018 election, because so much is at stake for the future of these US Virgin Islands. Such as the proposed Reapportionment referendum sponsor by St. Croix Government Retirees, Inc. The VI Vote Townhall meetings will be moderated by a panel with audience participation.

There will be four (4) separate town hall meetings dividing up the candidates of sixteen (16) Democratic Party Senatorial Candidates and three (3) Gubernatorial Candidates, which will be scheduled at four (4) separate dates before the August 4, 2018 Primary. The first (1st) town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th Senatorial Candidates 6 pm to 8 pm, and the Reapportionment presentation will take place 8 pm to 9 pm with Mario Moorhead. Senatorial Primary Candidate Brian Smith Ballot #1 (St. John At-Large), St. Croix District Candidates Ronald Hammer Ballot#1, Douglas Canton Ballot#2, Terrence D. Joseph Ballot#3, Oakland Benta Ballot#4 and Novelle Francis Ballot#5 will participate in the first VI Vote Townhall Meeting 6pm-8pm. The VI Vote Town hall Gubernatorial meeting along with there Lt. Governor candidates will take place on Thursday, June 21, 2018, 6pm-8pm. VI Vote Series Townhall Meeting one (1) and two (2) venue partner is sponsor by CHOP & Grill Restaurant in Sunny Isle St. Croix.